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Bighorn Sheep are native to the Western Mountain regions of Alberta, Canada. About fifty percent of Alberta's Bighorn Sheep population live in the protected areas of Alberta's National Parks.

Rocky Mountain Goat are native to the Western Mountain regions of Alberta, Canada. 

Gary Schafer Studios  is located near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta or approximately thirty miles west of Red Deer, Alberta Canada.

All of the taxidermy is done personally by Gary himself. Taxidermy by Gary Schafer has found a home in many parts of Alberta,  North America and around the World. A quality piece of taxidermy decorates the home and reflects an individuals appreciation for Wildlife and the Great Outdoors.

 To achieve these goals this Alberta taxidermist studies to Wildlife are a lifelong endeavor and commitment.  Browse through the site and enjoy the many pieces of past taxidermy.                             

Genuine Alberta Taxidermist
(Born and Raised)