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 Taxidermy  for Sale.      

 Home, Office or Lodge Decore

- Booster -

The All Canadian Start Cart

Ph: Robert .. 780-764-4077

Boost your vehicle, boat, heavy equipment, airplane, farm machinery, etc..

1800 watts
130 amps
DC/12 Volts
AC 120 Volts

Pine Marten

Unique colored pair

$1995.00 + GST

Reg $3200.00 Abandoned by client as well as deposit 

 Drumming Ruffed Grouse for sale

Bonasa umbellus

1st Place 1994
Washington State Taxidermy Competition
Ellensburg Washington  USA

1st Place    1993
International Taxidermy Competition
Moose Jaw   Saskatchewan

Ruffed Grouse Drumming for sale

Includes habitat base, wood trim, as shown, and a glass case.

$1500.00 + GST

#1  for sale
Lady Amhurst Pheasant
$595.00 + GST

Pheasant #2  for sale

$595.00 + GST

Pheasant #6 for sale

$595.00 + GST

Pheasant #3  for sale

$595.00 + GST

Pheasant #4  for sale

$595.00 + GST

Pheasant #5 for sale

$495.00 + GST

Genuine Alberta Taxidermist
(Born and Raised)