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Sasquatches in our Woods
By Dr. John Bindernagel

Canadian Wildlife Biologist - John Bindernagels website below;
Pennsylvania Deer Hunter, R. Jacobs Trail Cam pics below;
Discovery of "Fossil Ape"
by German Paleoanthropologist;
 -  Ralph von Koenigswald
The Erickson Project
HABITUATION leads to a collection of Evidence.
Adrian Erickson from Alberta Canada: Owner of the 20 newly aquired Sasquatch film clips  currently being produced into a Documentary:
The Discovery of the Sasquatch
Gigantopithecus blacki Skull recreation by Dr. Grover Krantz
The Ape that Was
The Ape that Was

2007 Manitoba - this is the
genuine animal as well

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37 Years Experience
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Bipedal Primates date back 4.4 Million years:

1)  "Ardi" -  Ardipithecus ramidus

2)  "Lucy" -




By Wildlife Biologist John Bindernagel
on hold with unknown release date

A Discovered Extant  Human Hybrid
Three Whole Genomes DNA Sequenced

A Juvenile Sasquatch caught on a trail Camera
Recently DNA Sequenced
October 2013 .. ZooBank Species Scientific Name - Homo sapiens cognatus
Sasquatch Genome Project:  Homo sapiens cognatus

Genuine Alberta Taxidermist
(Born and Raised)