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 - Deer Shoulder mounts:  price varies pending parts used and where they come from & time spent - $800.00  $1000.00, $1200.00, $1300.00  & the later 2 are the most requested for commercial production work. Competition versions costs even more.    
- Deer Floor Pedistal versions cost more, after habitat, & / or wood cabinets are in the costs.  Can be up to +/- 3000.00 more 
- Wall Pedistals WITH Habitat for deer size shld mts can be 400 to 600.00 or more in cost
- Elk size shld mount can +/- double deer price above
- Other complex and bigger specie Shoulder mounts  will cost even more, double the above deer prices or so.
- Pedistal versions of bigger species cost more too.
- Lifesize of Cougar / Blk Bear size and up are even more than any of the above cost examples (Approx 5000.00 + base)
- Great Horned Owl $650.00
- Red Tailed Hawk $795.00
- Rugs Bear / cougar -  1600 to 2250.00
- Fish depending what you have 800 to 2000.00 And depending which method it is done.

Nb:        In a Province continually being pervasively inundated with Foreign/Non Alberta origin taxidermists compacting into and operating in Alberta,... Remember to support some of the Provinces very own taxidermists, the scratch built born and raised Alberta Taxidermy businesses.
                      On Costs:
Our best clients never ask how much and  they instead tell us they know it costs money, should we state a price  (true report). However if your in need of approx costs on something not mentioned below,  let us know.   

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