Memories from Field to Wall
Three Time "Master of the Art" Award Winner

- Mountain Sheep Specialist -

Memories from Field to Wall

-1994 -
-1st Place Master- 
"Master of the Art"
-Bighorn Sheep-

"- you cannot, for one moment regard taxidermy as anything else but "art". It cannot be successfully commercialized to the extent of taking in a volume of work - turning it out at the rate of "so many per day or week"-"
                                Coloman Jonas 1879-1969

We receive our most interesting accolades  and accredits from Taxidermists.  Like this 2011 one:

 "I'd rate your sheep, TOP Five in World" 

-1995 - 
1st Place
Master Division Award 
- Sheep-

Gary Schafer Studios
Alberta Sheep Specialist


Just add heartbeat ...


+ breath ..


and a blink of the eye ...


Refer yourself and enjoy a
difference in Quality.

Highly respected by
colleagues in regards to
quality of sheep taxidermy.


National Taxidermist Award

Our highest offer to date, to teach Sheep taxidermy, has been a $17,000.00 guided sheep hunt. From a taxidermist. I'm booking...

2012 Taxidermist comment:

"I don't know if I could think of a better place to take it"

 .. who accompanied a friend who brought a sheep here.

Recent Past - Comments & Questions we had,.. and Answers to:

I like my taxidermist,...but I don't like his sheep work.
- Taxidermy is not easy,  parts are generic.   Generic parts and Taxidermists lack of anatomy understanding , brings forth the
  caricature and abstract [C&A] renditions in taxidermy. Taxidermy work with lots of anatomy mistakes is easier and faster.
  Years ago I heard a taxidermist say, "It's all they want".  Taxidermists too are quick to learn consumers highly support very
  mistake prone work.

You Specialize with them.
- Yes,... Professionally your Doctor will refer you to a Specialist,...but your Taxidermist wont and now your looking.

- How do you  get them so anatomically accurate?

- It is in our surname ... 


  Did you know? .. "Schaf " translates to "sheep".   see
Dall-Schaf,   Stone-Schaf,   Dickhornschaf   
  Did you know? .. "Schafe" translates to "Ovis" see
Schafe (Ovis)                  
  Did you know? .. Schafer surname meaning: "
one who took care of sheep


- Mountain Slope Series -
Habitat Vignettes


- Mountain Slope Series - 
Habitat Vignettes

37 Years Experience
Same Location

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A Special Tribute

                         was a visitor here on more than one occasion, and in this regard we would like to bring awareness to

We sure made sure that "little museum back home" was supplied....

Thanks Jim        

from within biography:
"Doc was always considered among the best at whatever he did"

2013 Customer comment:

"I did the research"


Unparalleled Anatomical Accuracy

2012 Customer comment:

"I went thru all the websites and, .. this one"


Provided are a few samples of entry level models, and they are going to be EXTREMELY alive.

Thank you to all past and future clients who choose us to go beyond and put the  many  hours into their Trophy Sheep.


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